Sleeping naked baby in dad's hands against a black background02


The long wait is over and you can finally hold your new family member in your arms. This is one of the most wonderful and beautiful moments of your life. What a special and unique feeling it is to welcome your sweet mini-human that you have been looking forward to.

A whole new phase of life begins when your family grows. Now is the perfect time to come in for a Newborn Shoot, and take photos of your newborn. The first time is full of excitement, surprise and new loving feelings that you will remember fondly later.

The best time for a newborn photo session is between the first 6 and 14 days of life, as the baby is still sleeping a lot.

Packages & Prices
Parents holding their baby wrapped in white cloth, black and white image
Sleeping baby with cap and pants on a black background.
Baby's fist presses against dad's fist on black background
Awake baby in a hanging womp wrap in black and white
Baby smiling in sleep, wrapped in light cloths with light cap, lying in dark wooden bowl
Baby in lace dress and bonnet in white wooden bowl padded with fur on light wooden floor
Baby with lace headband wrapped in light cloth in mother's hands
Mother with toddler and baby in cream colored clothes against beige background
Head of newborn with white cap and teddy in profile view
Newborn baby in white romper suit in a crib on light wooden floor
Yawning newborn baby in profile view against white background
Newborn sleeping baby in hands of his father on black background
Newborn baby in hands of father and mother against white background
Detail of baby feet on daddy's chin; b&w image
Family with newborn and toddler lie on white fur and smile to camera
Detail of baby's foot in father's hand
Mother with her sleeping baby wrapped in white cloth
Baby with headband wrapped in olive green cloth on dark wooden floor
Baby with headband wrapped in cream colored cloth on brown wooden floor
Baby with headband wrapped in purple colored cloth
Baby with pointed hat wrapped in cream colored cloth on fluffy sheepskin
Baby in knitted brown overall with cap in wooden crib on dark wooden floor
Newborn in brown jumpsuit sleeps on a tree trunk padded with fur.
Newborn in brown jumpsuit sleeps in white shell padded with fur.
Newborn in brown jumpsuit sleeps in an old bucket
Baby with headband wrapped in cream colored cloth with teddy in hand
Wrapped newborn baby in round nest padded with fleece on white background decorated with white featherss
Sleeping baby curled up in a wreath of willow on brown background
Sleeping baby curled up in a wreath of dried grasses on beige background
Newborn baby sleeping in white lace bodysuit on white armchair
Newborn baby in blue jumpsuit and cap sleeps on a white fur
Newborn baby in white shell and light pink cloths and flowers on white background
Parents with their newborn baby in pofil view against white background
Parents with their newborn in arms against black background

How It Works – Process


The easiest way to start our journey together is to send me your enquiry via the contact form. There you can already tell me the date of birth, the sex of the child and the colour preferences.


If you like my offer, we will fix the booking with the week after the birth date. The exact date depends on the actual birth and the well-being of mother and child. Price


It is good if your baby has a meal with me in the home studio so that he is full and relaxed. Now it's ready for the first photos.


When your baby is sleeping, I start on the beanbag with photos where there is a lot of baby skin. The result is timeless photos without much decoration. Here I like to photograph details like little hands, little feet, mouth, nose,... If a baby doesn't like a pose or finds it uncomfortable, then we try something else. Every baby has its own personality and we take this into consideration.

If your baby is restless, I start wrapping him in cloths. This calms and gives the baby security and warmth. This is also a good option for sibling pictures.

I have many utensils (baskets, cots, bowls) that are used in the course of the photo shoot - I emphasise colour harmonies and simplicity.

05Picture Handover

You will receive the finished photos 2 - 3 weeks after the shooting - they will be available to you in my online gallery for three month.

06Printed products

I recommend you to have the pictures printed in a high-quality and unique album and thus create a unique memory. As a graphic designer, I can support you with timeless layouts and harmonious designs. I would be happy to design a monogram for the cover.

In addition to the classic photo album, there is also the possibility to purchase wall pictures, triplets, passe-partout boxes or name pictures for your treasure.

TIP: You can take a look at the sample albums when you get to know me or view them digitally under »Photo Moments«.